Popular Stan Lee Comic Strips


One of the most recognizable names in the comics industry is none other than Stan Lee. He has brought us numerous superhero characters that we loved throughout the years. And his artistry and craftsmanship continue to live on even after he left us in 2018.

Here are some of the iconic characters that he conceptualized and brought to life in the comic strips:

Amazing Spider-man

If someone had to build a website to generate targeted traffic, it had to be spider-man, right? Kidding aside, the web-slinging hero is one character that we can all relate to because of his emotional struggles, his work and career situations, and his concerns toward his love life. Spider-man got the biggest break when it was launched in the big screen and has spawned a number of sequels and portrayed by different actors. The latest storyline for Spider-man is Peter Parker as part of the Avengers MCU.

Incredible Hulk

Fun fact: Stan Lee wanted the Incredible Hulk to be grey in color. But because of ink problems, the Hulk became green. Bruce Banner is a scientist who was accidentally struck with gamma radiation that caused him to become the Hulk. He is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe. Some versions of him can even destroy planets.

How I wish that I will have super strength when I get angry! If I don’t get an Amsterdam City Pass to go around Amsterdam famous sights, then I can just get furious and do a giant leap toward the Netherlands and simultaneously enjoy the view.

Fantastic Four

I think it is all about the proper casting and the right way to tell the story of this four superheroes who got their powers while they were in a space travel. No movie that is adapted to the comic book of the same name has ever been that good.

But Fantastic Four is one of the foundations of the Marvel Universe. Some say that the Fantastic Four was created in opposition to the Justice League for DC comics. I just hope that a new movie can depict the Fantastic Four as iconic and as great as they should be.

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  1. Geerdina Sleurink

    I could think of a lot more comic books from Stan Lee that are very iconic. Thor is a great comic book. The Silver Surfer also shows a good storyline with a very fascinating character. Even if Stan Lee is gone, I do hope that the Marvel Universe lives on with the same high-quality storylines and characters.

  2. Niesje Bijlsma

    How can a man think of such creative ways to portray a superhero? Just like science has Isaac Newton or Galileo, the comic books have Stan Lee. It is just too bad that he passed away. I was hoping to meet him someday in a Comic Convention or Conference someday.

  3. Milko van Ginkel

    Sticking to the original story of the Fantastic Four is probably the best way to handle the movie. Loyal fans of the comics would want to see the next movies to be as faithful to the comics as much as possible. A good casting will make a difference. And a nice background story for the villain will add to the intrigue of the movie, too.


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