Life Lessons We Learned from Peanuts

The gang that is composed of Charlie Brown, Sally, Marcie, Schroeder, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock is one of the most inspirational and funny groups of characters that I encountered in the comic strips.

Although they are all kids dealing with youth problems, their issues are things that even adults can relate to. What are the life lessons that we learned from Charlie Brown and the gang?

Do not give up

Charlie Brown assembled a baseball team that is prone to losing. So he wants his team to practice. And he never gives up. No matter how many games they lose, he always manages to fight a good fight even if the loss is inevitable. Charlie Brown may seem negative at times, but he can also have a positive mindset.

Being realistic

One skit between Charlie Brown and Snoopy was about the food that Snoopy is being served. Of course, he was given dog food. But Snoopy was expecting something rather different. He wants a salad bar. Sometimes, in life, we eat what we are served. We take it as it is. Life is not always an Amsterdam holiday where you can enjoy every minute of it. Sometimes, you just have to endure your dry season - just like the ones found in not so popular places to visit in Australia.  They might look very ordinary but they provide the best experience.

Friendship is all we need

Snoopy and Charlie have more than a relationship between pet and owner. It is more like best pals. Charlie Brown always takes care of Snoopy and feeds him. He looks out for him and let Snoopy join him in his activities whenever possible.

We often take the relationships we have for granted. We forget to take care of the people that really matter to us. Sometimes, all it takes to appreciate them is give them voucher codes or coupon codes on products - or just ctrip promotion code visa to be specific. It is not the price or the amount of gift that you give them but the thought of showing your love and care for them.

Fulfill your ambition

You should not stop believing in yourself. If you have an ambition, do the best that you can to accomplish them. Take Snoopy for example. He is very confident in his endeavors. One time, he wrote a novel and he saw himself as a future famous author. Go ahead and pursue your dreams.

5 Comments to “Life Lessons We Learned from Peanuts”

  1. Rachél Greveling

    I am not a fan of the comic strip. I just found it to be too serious for my taste. I am more of a Garfield kind of guy. Or maybe I am more of a cat person. I love Garfield more than Snoopy. Yeah, that’s probably it. I love cats more than dogs.

  2. Ariena Poiesz

    I like Linus van Pelt. He is the one with the security blanket. He is Lucy’s little brother and the best friend of Charlie Brown. I, too, had a blankie growing up. I had to give it up when I started going to school. But I can relate to Linus most of my childhood life.

  3. Jarno Khan

    One of my most beloved comics in the world. I am a fan of Peanuts. I had pillows, tumblers, and even stickers of them. I have a collection of videos of Peanuts which I let my kids watch. Charlie Brown is funny even though he does not attempt to be funny at all.

  4. Glenn

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