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Anouska de Smit
I was on an Amsterdam canal tour when I heard about this site. I have always been a fan of the comic strips, particularly, The Adventures of Tintin. When I was young, I wanted to be like him. Even now, I still admire his problem-solving skills of this free-spirited individual.
Manouschka Manuhutu
I started attending the International Comic Strip Festival in 2016. You can find gems there that you could not find elsewhere. This website is a nice add-on if you want to get special discounts and deals on comic albums and books. Just be sure to sign up to receive emails and notifications.
Gijsbertus Onrust
The research that goes on in every article that is published on this website is just amazing. It’s probably because of the connections and partners they have in the industry. I gain a lot of comic strip knowledge here. I go to this site regularly to check out new articles.
Isaiah van Santvoort