1. What is your website all about?

We aspire to bring you the latest news and updates about International Comic Strip Festival, authors who are going to be present in the event, comic strip characters that will participate in the parade, and all other stuff that comic strip fans should be watching for.

We are also an all-year-round resource of all things related to comic strips. For website visitors and fans of the famous characters created for comic strips, this website is tailor-made for you.

2. Who participates in the festival?

Do you know Tintin? How about the Smurfs? These are just a few of the characters that you can see in the International Comic Strip Festival. From their humble beginnings, these characters have grown in popularity and reached other forms of media like cartoons, 3D animation, comic books, action figures, and others.

3. Do you give voucher codes?

Yes. We give offers & coupons to fans who register on our site and opt-in. You can get huge discounts if you use our provided codes to buy products when you shop online.

4. What is a comic strip?

A comic strip is usually a two or three-panel drawing that tells a story which can be intriguing, humorous, or adventurous. Most comic strips are published in a newspaper. Strips of comics can be turned into a book.

5. What is the International Comic Strip Festival?

It is an annual festival that celebrates the evolution of the comic strips, the famous characters created, the authors who drew and made them prominent, and the stories and personalities behind every comic strip.

This is usually a four-day festival where you can get to meet famous sketch artists, buy comic books, sign up for tutorials, and meet the characters through its annual parade.

6. What is the difference between a comic strip, comic book, and cartoon?

A comic strip is mostly three panels of drawing. Some comic strips have stand-alone stories, meaning, every day has one unique story. For others, you have to read the comic strip consecutively in order to find out what happens in the story. A comic book requires more panels because of the long storyline. It may extend up to 20 or 30 pages depending on the artist. A cartoon is a one-panel drawing that conveys one idea.